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The Douro and Porto Wine Institute held a dinner on September 10, attended by distinguished figures not only of wines but also of large sectors of the country's activities. He made an invitation for all sectors to be part of this celebration of 3 centuries producing Porto wines, the oldest regulation of quality control and origin of the world. On Saturday, talks were held by important exponents from the fields of technologies, senses, viticulture and oenology. Followed by this a master class accompanied by the tasting of Porto wines beginning with Ruby 2011, strolling through the 19th century to finally close the encounter with a wine of more than 100 years. To know more about the event and to review the photographs can be accessed at


02/14/2017 2:55am

I've heard about this event. How I wish I was invited! I definitely love wines. And I want to meet wine connoisseurs. I would access the site that you've mentioned so I can see the photographs taken at the said event. Anyway, thank you for sharing this post. i hope you'll write soon!

02/27/2017 8:27am

Glad that I saw this post because I've been looking for what happened in this event. I am a big fan of wines and I drink every time I'm stressed. I actually want to plan my own business and I wasn't able to go there so suddenly, I want to get a drink. The wine took away my bitterness that I did not witness it with my own eyes. Lovely to see those photos, next year I promise to attend on one of those gatherings. Hope that this will happen again anytime soon. I'd probably join and I will be really glad if you'll invite me.

03/21/2017 6:30am

It’s so lucky of you to attend a wine tasting activity. I bet the Ruby 2011 is a must try. How does the 19th century old wine tasted? Will it make you feel dizzy? I’m sure it’s expensive. I hope to experience the same activity that you’ve had.

07/04/2017 11:41am

I have never been to an event that is focused on checking the quality of wines. I would love to go, though! I'm curious with how the whole process of testing the quality of wine is done. I don't have much knowledge when it comes to wine. I just know that the older the wine, the tastier it is. This is because wine does not expire. In addition, if the wine is over 100 years ago or even 200 years ago, expect it to be very expensive. The other thing I know about wine is that you can know whether it is cheap or not based from its smell. It's also one way of tasting the wine without actually having to drink it.

03/10/2017 4:13am

I can't visit that site and read more about that event. It's blocked now.

03/14/2017 4:47pm

I've heard about this event before because this event is quite popular. Hope to visit it next year.

03/23/2017 3:37am

Wow. I thing that wine tastes so good. It is perfect for every celebrations and gatherings. Drinking wines become a tradition in our family whenever there is an occasion. I think my Dad will probably love this wine after he tries it. I will surely buy this kind of wine. Thank you for sharing this to us. Keep posting.


Oh! That wine is very exceptional. It is very tasty and delicious. I really love that wine. My friend recommended it to me and I really love it. My father also commend this wine. I am very grateful to my friend who lets me know about this wine.

07/31/2017 10:12am

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08/09/2017 9:46pm

Thank you so much for those informations.

08/18/2017 1:28am

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